Wednesday, June 22, 2011

::Sauted Spinach & Vegetables with Baked Tilapia::

Yes, you are looking at this right...this is a new post! Sorry for the leave of absence on here, I did truly miss it and hope to deliver even more yummy recipes to you with my return. Thank you for checking back for updates and staying a faithful blog follower! :)
On to the post...I love vegetables (thanks Mom) and I love tilapia. I had never cooked fresh spinach before and had some other vegetables to use up so I just threw the chopped veggies together, add some seasonings, and paired it with some baked fish. It was delicious and healthy too! I used to be kind of scared to cook fish, not sure why but I was. All you have to do is just follow the cooking instructions on the package or if you are using freshly caught fish (yum!) then I assume you either a) since are fishing know how to cook fish or b) will be following a recipe that tells you how long to cook....or I guess c) cook until flakey?

::Sauted Spinach & Vegetables with Baked Tilapia::

fresh baby spinach
red onion
variety colored peppers
onion powder
garlic salt

Saute vegetables until tender and add the spinach towards the end. Cook on a low-medium heat; covered. Add a few dashes of pepper, onion powder and garlic salt (more to taste as you wish) and add a splash of cream and some parmesan cheese to give it a little creamy texture and flavor.
For the tilapia, if frozen, unthaw in the fridge. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and season the fish with your favorite seasoning. I just used seasoned salt and a little lemon. Bake until flakey.

Sauted veggies with the spinach.

All cooked with the cream and parmesan cheese!

Baked fish and the veggies.

I love corn on the cob and I think I o.d. on the veggies..if that's possible?! :)

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  1. Yeah, you're back! I was checking EVERYDAY! Looking forward to some new supper ideas. Jill