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::Pumpkin Streusel::

Is Thanksgiving really over? Time really does fly! Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and was able to spend it with the ones they love; I sure did! I am so Thankful to have such a wonderful family! Anywho...this is another pumpkin recipe, excuse me, WONDERFUL pumpkin recipe! This is like a cake, but so moist, with a gooey middle layer and a sweet glaze. The presentation of this dish is so pretty and if someone doesn't like pumpkin, once they see this...they will want it! This seems like it contains alot of ingredients, and it might, but it is super easy to make. This goes great with morning coffee or a dessert with ice cream; enjoy!
One more thing...thank you to my aunt Amy who gave me this recipe! She usually brings this every year to Thanksgiving! :)

::Pumpkin Streusel::

½ cup packed brown sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon
¼ tsp ground all spice
2 tsp butter or margarine
3 cups flour
1 Tbsp ground cinnamon
3 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 cups sugar
1 cup butter or margarine
4 large eggs
1 cup pure pumpkin
1 cup sour cream
2 tsp vanilla extract

Combine 1 ½ cups sifted powdered sugar and 2-3 Tbsp orange juice or milk in small bowl, stir until smooth.

Preheat oven to 350°. Grease & flour 12 cup bundt pan.
For streusel: Combine brown sugar, cinnamon and allspice in small bowl. Cut in butter with pastry blender or two knives until mixture is crumbly.
For batter: Combine flour, cinnamon, baking soda & salt in medium bowl. Beat in granulated sugar and butter in large mixer bowl until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Add pumpkin, sour cream & vanilla extract; mix well. Gradually beat in flour mixture.
To assemble: Spoon half of batter into prepared pan. Sprinkle streusel over batter, not allowing streusel to touch sides of pan. Top with remaining batter. Make sure batter layer touches edges of pan.
Bake 55-60 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in cake comes out clean. Cool for 30 minutes in pan or wire rack. Invert onto wire rack to cool completely. Drizzle with glaze.

It's bundt pan time!

Stars of the show!

Starting off with the dry ingredients...


Notice something weird about this pic and the last?....SiDeWaYs!

Pretty sure every recipe calls for salt.

The goods.

My mixer that I got as a shower gift from my Dad and Stepmom...L.O.V.E it!


More than a spoonfull of sugar!...

Creaming together.

And then comes the eggs.

Action shot of blending in the eggs...


A big ingredient of the dish!

Along with the sour cream...

Wet ingredients all creamed together and waiting for the dry ingredients.

There they are..the dry ingredients...

Blending the two together.

All done...with the mixing of the batter!

Now on to the streusel!...and starting out with some brown sugar

...along with cinnamon...

allspice...which is a typical ingredient in "fall" type dishes

Ready for one more ingredient...

Butter of course! Ready to be "cut" in.

Slice butter into "pats"

Blend in with a pasty cutter or two knives to resember coarse crumbs.

Place half of the batter into a bundt pan.

Then place in the streusel on top; trying to not let it touch the sides of the pan (it's hard to not let it touch...but you can just move it with a knife :) )

Then add the rest of the batter over the streusel layer

Ready for the oven!


Ready to be removed from the pan and cooled.

This was my first encounter with a bundt pan...I enjoyed it!

Can't turn the photos once uploaded...and i was too excited to post this instead of going back to get the drift.

You can kinda see where the gooey layer is! :)

And the stars of the glaze!

Sift. Sift. Sift.

No lumps. No lumps. No  lumps.


Ready to be whisked!

All ready!

All glazed! In order to get the "cool effect"...just pour the glaze around the top of the cake and the glaze will slide on its own down the sides.


I just think this makes such a pretty you can see I got a little picture crazy!

View from the top!

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