Thursday, December 2, 2010

::Scalloped Pineapple::

This recipe is out of this world! I never had heard of ::Scalloped Pineapple:: and never would have thought of something like it! My cousin brought this to Thanksgiving and it was a hit! I bet at least every hour I would say something like "Oh my word, that was so good!" "I need that recipe!" "Katie, that pineapple thing was so good!" Oh, by the way...I kept calling it "the pineapple thing!" I love this recipe not only because it is super yummy, but most, if not all, of the ingredients you would have on hand. This dish is also super easy to make and only takes 30 minutes or so to bake. This was served with our Thanksgiving day meal, but I would say that it could be served as a dessert versitile this recipe is! :) On a side note..I thought back to when I made that ::Apple Pita Chip Crisp:: and it had that sauce/glaze to go on top?...I bet that would be a good addition to this? What do you think? Try it? Okay! Anyways..hope you enjoy this wonderful recipe that my cousin shared with me! Enjoy!

::Scalloped Pineapple::

The recipe!

Casseroll dish I used.

And the simple ingredients begin...with 3 eggs...

Beat the eggs and add the sugar...and then beat together.

8 slices of bread...cubed!

Ready to be cubed.

All cubed up!

Fold the bread cubes into the egg/sugar mixture and make sure everything is mixed together well.

Drain the pineapple.

Fold into the bread mixture and mix in well.

Add to the greased casseroll dish.

And bake until golden brown...about 30 minutes. In my oven, I had to bake it a little more than 30 minutes.

So tastey! Enjoy!

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