Tuesday, January 18, 2011

::30th Birthday Cake::

This post is long overdue; by months! I posted my cake creation on Facebook and then didn't think to put it on here; because it wasn't really a recipe! Anyways, I've made some cakes at home for fun just to practice and I enjoy the time it takes to do the details. Living where we do, my husband and I have been so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors who we call friends; and we are also lucky that we have alot who are around our age! One of my neighbors called me and asked if I would make a cake for his wife for her 30th birthday; a surprise one! I was SO excited yet kinda nervous because I had only done cakes for myself and if I screwed up no one would see it besides me. I kept thinking of how to decorate, etc. etc. I found out her favorite color was green so I decided to run with a green theme. I used lime green and then found some zebra print ribbon and thought that they are fun combo for a surprise 30th birthday cake! The cake was a sour cream white almond cake with a buttercream frosting and then covered in fondant. The bottom of each tier was laced with the zebra print ribbon I mentioned earlier and then on the top I used some "funky" things I found in the floral department. Along with my husbands help, the cake was delivered to their house so it would be there when they got home from celebrating her birthday. Even though fondant is edible; I made a mini cake that was just frosted with the buttercream that I make so that it would be more "palatable" than the fondant. Anyways, all went well and they both liked the cake....whew! Here are some pictures of my first try at a professional cake....

My cake penmanship isn't the greatest...I'm working on getting into a cake decorating class! :)

Those are the "funky" things I was talking about.

A shot of the whole cake.

and another!

haha...and another!

This is the mini cake I made to match the main cake!

I delivered this on a cake plate I had.

If you are interested in a cake....let me know! I would be MORE than happy to assist you in your needs!

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  1. scary.cheri@gmail.comJanuary 29, 2011 at 10:42 AM

    beautiful cake Mqaxi, well done.