Tuesday, January 4, 2011

::Happy New Year!::

Happy New Year! I just want to say "Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!" to each an every one of you. I started this blog because of my love for cooking and baking and wanted to share that love with you all. I never knew I would get this outpouring of responses (even though it was/is a dream of mine that it would "lauch" something); and it has been wonderful. Hearing comments such as "Oh, I made ________ the other day and everyone loved it...even my kids!" or "I love your blog!" makes my heart happy. 
Many of you have commented to me regarding my dreams of one day opening a bakery, deli, catering, etc. Well, just to let you know where the blog and my dreams are at... and some other information. First and foremost...I'm still dreaming and my love for cooking and baking is SO alive! I started a business plan a couple months ago, I have been checking into the "rules" and certifications of making and selling food out of my home (which is my main concern; following the rules!), and marketing strategies. I also dream of the design of my business, how big it would be, the name of it, and sooooo many other things! So, if ANY of you have any tips, resources, anything(!) regarding this matter; please let me know and shoot me an email (mfischerbsn@gmail.com).  
Again, "Thank You!" I look forward to what 2011 has to bring and can't wait to continue sharing recipes with you. This evening I will be sharing the first recipe post of 2011 with you; and it's a healthy one at that!

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  1. Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to have this blog. I still look on here DAILY to see if there is a new recipe. My son is begging me to make the Popcorn Cake so that is the plan for the weekend.