Wednesday, February 2, 2011

::Tortilla Scrambler::

Ever get home from work, your family is hungry, and you haven't even thought of what you were going to make for supper? You open the fridge and you have a half full jar of spaghetti sauce, a couple left over bake potatoes, 3/4 of an onion...and you think "What the heck do I even make?" or "I don't even know what ingredients I have to make something?" That was the case with me the other night. My husband came in for the night and I was busy doing stuff and supper was the last thing on my mind. He then asked "What's for supper?" and I thought "Oh shit...!" I then said.."hop in the shower and I'll figure something out." That is where the ::Tortilla Scrambler:: came into place. I just threw a bunch of ingredients together that I had in the fridge and made a little breakfast burrito type thing..and it was good! You can do many versions of this recipe using a wide variety of different ingredients. Enjoy!

::Tortilla Scrambler::

Summer sausage (diced)
Eggs (beaten)
Pepper Jack cheese

Dice summer sausage. In a pan with a little olive oil, over medium heat, add the beaten eggs and a little milk to make the eggs fluffy. Once cooked add how ever much summer sausage you will like. Add salsa, about 1/4-1/2 cup. Heat through. Spoon onto tortilla and top with grated pepper jack cheese. Microwave until cheese is melted. Roll and serve. I served this with salsa to dip in.

Summer sausage I had in the fridge.

I made too many eggs; we had alot of this left over!

The pepper jack cheese.

My homemade salsa. Hot. Hot. Hot.

Everything ready and ready to be spooned on the tortilla!


Ready for some cheese to top it off.

Freshly grated pepper jack.

And ready for the microwave...

Mmmm...cheese melted and ready to roll and eat!

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