Thursday, April 14, 2011

::Iced Coffee:: Cheap. Healthy. Easy.

I know a girl, who knows a girl, who knew a girl, who knows how to make a good iced coffee. Got it? Well, on a serious note, a girl I work with told me about these Starbucks sweetened iced coffee packets. She said that the secretary at work had made her one and it was so delicious. The secretary went on to tell her what it was and how easy it was. So, the next time I worked with her she made one for me. I was instantly in love and I actually went to Sam's Club to purchase the packets; that's how in love with them I was. I have to admit, I drink way more diet soda pop than I should. I guess I have cut back, but I probably drink about two cans a day. For me, I personally think that is too much. I'm just not a big water fan...besides after a good workout or day in the sun (does that mean I have to workout more? heheh). I have tried adding things to water to drink more of it, but I eventually go back to the good ol' diet pop. I only have about two cans left in the pack I have at home, so the other day I thought maybe after those are gone I won't buy anymore. We'll see how that goes! My fallback is that I work 12-hr night shifts and they get me through the night and my hour+ drive home! Maybe this iced coffee is a replacement?! So, here are some other exciting things about this iced coffee recipe. At Sam's Club, the box contains a total of 10 packets and the cost was about about $10.00 (to be exact, I think they were $9.88?). So, thats $1.00 per packet and equals $1.00 per drink. Which is awesome! However...that's if you follow the directions that are on the box, which, isn't good (and others at work agree). If you follow the recipe below you can get about 4-5 drinks out of one packet. Which then comes to about $0.25 cents per drink (without counting the two packets of Splenda)! To me, thats amazing! How cheap! Oh wait, it gets better! One packet contains 100 calories, so if you make 4-5 drinks out of it, do the math, that's only about 25 calories per drink. That's even more amazing! I am sure this recipe would be good to add some of your favorite flavored syrup and a little cream, to make it like the "real thing." But this will suffice.
So far four people, that I know of, are buying these and making them according to this recipe and they love them. So, love them and enjoy them too!

::Iced Coffee::

Medium sized glass filled with ice & water
2 packets (add more as needed) Splenda (sorry to dissappoint Dad and Brother!...I just had to say that because I grew up on a farm that raised sugar Splenda is not a good thing. However, there is a really sweet sweet taste that you get from it without need much, and that is what it was originally made with for me, so that's what I use too! Yes, I had to explain myself :) )
1-1 1/2 tsp. (more or less to your taste) Starbucks VIA Iced Coffee drink mix

Mix all ingredients together and enjoy!

Medium sized glass with lots of ice and water!

I used two packets. Depending on the size of glass and amount of water and ice, you may need/want to add more after you get it all mixed up and taste test.

The box of packets I'm talking about!

And the packet!

The are Starbucks' directions.

Add 1-1.5 tsps...or more if you need to!

All mixed up! The first time I was made this drink, I thought...don't you have to add cream? Nope! And it's so wonderful!

Top shot.

Ahh refreshing summer drink! I know we aren't even done with spring...but a girl can dream right?!

I keep leftovers in a Ziplock and in my whenever I'm in need...I deliver! :)



  1. Went to Sam's today to get the brew!! Forgot to put in the Splenda the first time - used 1 tsp of Starbucks mix --- way too strong for a non-coffee drinker -- so put in a couple of tsp of French Vanilla Coffee Syrup. Very good -- the next one I made was with Splenda and less French Vanilla - again very good. Thanks for sharing, Maxi.

  2. I have not had iced coffee before, but this IS really good. I only had a new box of "unopened" Splenda so I guessed at how much to really is good and refreshing. Thanks Maxi!!!!