Monday, April 25, 2011

::Sun Dried Tortellini::

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter yesterday! I know we sure did here. It was great to see a bunch of family and, as always, very fun! My sister and her husband came out in the afternoon on saturday and my sister helped me make this for supper. We had alot of fun making it and thought that it was easy to make, but by the looks and sounds of it, seems like you'd be making it all day! I think the best part about this is that it calls for a cup of white wine; well we all know there is more than a cup in a it gives you an excuse to pop open a bottle of wine and enjoy it while cooking! Enjoy!

::Sun Dried Tortellini::

Cook 2 pkg frozen tortellini (not sure of size, we used frozen)
Cook and brown 1 ring/link spicy Italian sausage-cut in small wheels
For the sauce:

Saute 1 tsp minced garlic in 1 tsp olive oil
Then add: 
1 cup white wine and simmer a little longer
Then add:
4c heavy whipping cream
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 dash tabaosco sauce
4 oz Ramano cheese
4 oz Parmesian cheese
1 pkg sundried tomatoes
Simmer this a little then add:
 red pepper flakes, basil, salt and pepper to taste.

Mix the sauce with the sausage and tortellini and serve.

This would be great to make and serve in a crockpot if you are looking for something for a potluck, gathering, event, etc...

(I had this first at my husband's cousin, who got the recipe from our pastor's wife...not sure of her name?)


The ingredients! I'm going to be honest...this probably isn't the cheapest dish to make.

The sausage. You could use sausage that you just have on hand, but the first time making it I wanted to use what it specifically called for. Next time I'll use our own.


The sausage...cut into slices.

Like that (the picture is blurry).

Then a tsp of minced garlic.

And saute it in olive oil. Don't burn or make it dark..that makes the garlic bitter.

The white wine! It was delicious!

The sausage browned up.

After letting the wine and garlic simmer a little bit...then turn down the heat (you don't want it to curdle) and add the cream.

The lemon juice....add to the creamy mix.

Then the tabasco!

And the cheese to make it even more creamy!


Mixing in the cheese and letting it melt.

Sun dried tomatoes (in the grocery store I was at they were located by the fresh tomatoes).

Then the seasonings.

Sprinkle in...add more as you like. Also, let the sauce simmer a little bit. It will seem runnny but will thicken up after you add it to the tortellini.

Ready to be put all together!

Stir in the sausage.

Then in goes the tortellini.

And there you have it...a gourmet dish!

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  1. Hi Maxi! I'm adding a bunch of your recipes to my recipe book and just love writing "From: Maxi Fischer"...thanks for the ideas!!! James will say thanks, as soon as I start making some!