Tuesday, July 27, 2010

::Easy Chicken Fried Steak::

It's not easy being easy; especially when it comes to Chicken Fried Steak. I would say that "CFS" is one of my husbands favorite meals. I have tried making CFS a couple times since we have gotten married and finally found a combination of things that helped to improve and perfect it! My first time making it I used cubed steak (AKA round steak that is tenderized; did I mention I worked at a butcher shop for 4 years?! :) ) and it seemed too tough. The second time I made it I used hamburger, which was WAY better, but I still had to perfect the breading. For the breading, I was trying to get it so it would stay on and coat it good, be seasoned well, and also get a little crunchy! So, this last time, I got a wonderful combination! Also, my husband (and I would have to agree) thinks that if you don't have a good white gravy to go with it, then it just isn't worth it. Since this is an ::EASY Chicken Fried Steak:: Recipe, I used a packaged gravy mix where you just have to add water; how simple! I paired it with some seasoned boiled potatoes and a rhubarb dessert. Yee haw. Enjoy!
::Easy Chicken Fried Steak::
1-1.5 lbs. hamburger
4 eggs (1 for the hamb. and 3 for the egg wash)
Salt, Pepper, Onion Salt & Powder, Garlic Salt & Powder)
5 Crackers; crushed (I used Club Crackers)
Pioneer Brand Country Gravy Mix
Thaw hamburger and mix with 1 egg, seasonings (I usually sprinkle across hamburger a couple times), and crushed crackers. Patty out into desired sizes. Mix flour with some of each of the seasonings. Blend 3 eggs with a couple splashes of milk. Dip each patty into the eggwash, flour, then into the egg wash and back into the flour! Place in hot oil and fry until done on the inside and the coating is golden brown and crispy!
Prepare gravy according the package directions (I added a little seasonings to that as well, but you don't have to) and pour over CSF.
Love having cattle! Home raised beef is the bomb diggidy!

Easy gravy!


...into the beef!

5 Club Crackers, crushed.

Add the one egg and mix, with clean hands!

For the egg wash: blend together.

Kinda blurry...but all pattied out.

Season the flour mix.

Let the dredging begin!

I think my blog gives Cardiologists job security. Maybe I should get some commission. I wish.

Starting to get crispy!

All ready...and yummy too!

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