Wednesday, August 25, 2010

::Mommy-To-Be Party::

A few months ago I found out that one of my neighbors was pregnant, then another neighbor was...then another...and another...and another...and another...and so on! Seriously, there is a mini baby boom out here; but don't worry, I'm not apart of it! To make matters even crazier, 5 of the ladies are due in Septemer AND are all having BOYS (one has made his appearance already)! Anyways, to celebrate the moms-to-be and for just a little get together, I hosted a ::Mommy-To-Be Party:: at my house. Just a little get together to chat, talk about tips for the new moms reguarding birth, breastfeeding and everything in between! I had one "game" planned, some drawings for prizes, and of course food! I had such a great time planning this little party and getting everything ready. I hope that everyone had a fun time! Here are some pics! Enjoy!
Maxi's Queso & Chips
Spinich Dip & Beer Bread
Corn Dip & Chips
Cream Cheese Pickle & Ham Roll Ups
Nutter Butter Balls
Cake Balls
Maxi's Scotcheroos
Go Fish Mix
Sherbert Punch

The theme of the party was a light lime green. Beings the pregnant women were the honored guests, their drinks were served in the wine glasses, while everyone else got regular cups!

Setup of the dips.

Dessert table prior to food being placed (besides the bowl of Go Fish mix)

Starting to put some of the desserts on. By each dip & dessert I placed a recipe card for each so that if someone wanted the recipe it was right there. Also, if someone wanted to know what was in it prior to eating, the ingredients were there to see!

I printed them on cardstock paper and went with a green font to go with the theme.

The one 'game' I had planned was a guessing jar. I put mostly baby things in it and a few other things...rubber duckies, pacifiers, finger puppets, candy.

I invited all the grandmas-to-be and then had them email me a list of tips for the moms-t0-be. I compiled all the tips together and then for a tip here and there I paired a prize to go with it. For example, one tip was to leave some sort of noise on when the baby is sleeping so that if the phone rings they won't wake up. The prize for that, a baby lulliby CD. I also gave away a couple prizes to the guests; bottle of wine and coffee and biscottis.

Dessert table all set up.

Another pic with the balloons.

Glasses in the freezer with the sherbert; waiting for the honored guests to arrive to add the Sierra Mist and serve!

The other cups!

The honored guests! Aren't they the most beautiful looking pregnant women you have ever seen?
If you would like to host a party and needs tips, food ideas, or food for the party; I'd be MORE than HAPPY to help or cater! :)

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