Saturday, October 2, 2010

::Roasted Red Pepper Italian Salad::

A blog post is long over due! I know I just posted one the other day, but, it wasn't a recipe so I don't think that counts, right? Anyways, I finally will be at home for a couple days to get things done that I need to get done! It seems as if I haven't been home; I have either been working or gone somewhere. So, to get back into the recipe blogging, this one is very easy and super delicious; what more could you ask for?
I didn't follow a recipe for this one, however, I have had salads similar to it (with the peppers and pepperoni) and can't take all the credit! For my college graduation party my mom made a salad similar to this one (she didn't write down the recipe) and it was tastey, so I thought, with all the peppers I had left over from making salsa that this would be good. There are two ingredients that she used that I think "make" this salad and I used them too! So, thank you Mom for being the inspiration to this salad! Enjoy!

::Roasted Red Pepper Italian Salad::

1 each green, red, yellow pepper
1 purple onion
2 sm cans sliced olives; drained
1 pkg Mini Pepperonis
1 container cherry tomatoes
1 box Bowtie Pasta (or pasta of your choice)
Kraft Roasted Red Pepper w/ Parmesean Italian Dressing

Boil pasta til' al dente (still a little tender), drain and let cool. While pasta is cooling, dice peppers and onions and add to cooled pasta. Also add, olives, pepperonies, tomatoes. Pour 1 bottle of the dressing over and mix together. Let sit in the fridge overnight and serve.

The ingredients.

One of the ingredients that "makes" this salad. I first saw them when my mom bought them to make her salad.

The main "star" of the show that also "makes" this salad. So flavorful!

The peppers! I think I diced 1 green, red, and yellow pepper. Add more or less as desired.

Diced purple onion.
I love purple onions!

Onions and peppers mixed together.

I thought I had the mini bowtie pasta at home but didn't; so these are the reg. sized ones. I would suggest to use a smaller type of pasta even though this was still good.

The tomatoes!

Pretty pretty!

Sliced the tomatoes into smaller sizes.

Olives! For added fun; buy the whole olives to slice...but make sure you place on each finger before you slice!

The "minis!" So easy to add without needing to slice!

Pre-dressing. So would that be called naked?

Dressing added. Dressed? :)

Not only is this yummy, it's a pretty looking salad. Which I guess yumminess > prettiness when it comes to food. But, would be great for a potluck, party, etc! Enjoy!

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