Wednesday, September 29, 2010

::Corn On The Cob Cake::

 If you have me on facebook, then you have already seen this! But, for those of you that don't, here you go! I had saw this cake a couple years back in a magazine and thought it was so cool. So, as I was going up and down each isle in Wal-Mart and came across Candy Corn (can it be that time of year already?); I knew I had to try making the cake. I also, for the first time, made fondant. I dropped my "info" off at the Cakery in Bismarck for a cake decorating class, as that as been a dream of mine; to take a cake decorating class and decorate cakes on the side! So, I haven't received a call yet, but until then I'll test the waters on my own. So, here is my first of many cakes that I will try. It's a little sloppy and I will need alot of practice, but until my classes and much you go! Enjoy!

::Corn On The Cob Cake::

 The cake shaped and covered in candy corn...

...or is it? :)

My first ever fondant!

The "husks"

Before the "husks" go on...

There you have it!

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