Wednesday, September 22, 2010

::Spaghetti Pie::

This is a great alternative to traditional spaghetti and seems a little more "hearty" as well. I think what makes it that way is the spaghetti "crust." Let's see what other words I can put into quotations.. :) In one of my first posts I think I mentioned a cookbook I had received for a birthday gift from my old roommate and great friend Josh. Some of you may have heard the story before, but, for those of you that haven't here it goes. In my first year of college I lived with 3 other guys, so I cooked for them and they had my back and always had their eye out for me. We had fun times together! Anyways, since I cooked all the time for them and their guy friends that would come over, Josh gave a cookbook-how fitting! So, I got this recipe from that cookbook.
This would work out good to prepare ahead of time and then when ready just pop it in the oven to bake. I am sure it would freeze well too! Enjoy!

The recipe.
From: Favorite Recipes Past andd Present; First Bethany Lutheran Church

With a name like that...I guess spaghetti is a must!

I didn't have a fresh grated parmesan so I just used the reg stuff. Also in the photo is a couple of the other ingredients for the hamburger mixture.

Along with some green pepper...

And onion too!

The boiled noodles.

Butter...of course.

Parmesan cheese...

And the egg..which as to be beaten be the binding agent!

All mixed in.

The pie plate. I must admit...prior to this picture I had just removed the sticker, as I hadn't used it yet. Ooops...

Press the noodle mixture in the pie plate like you would a crust; so it goes up the sides.

Close up.

Fry up the hamburger, onion, and pepper until veggies are tender and hamburger is browned.

Like so.

Then add the tomato ingredients.



and garlic salt.

Mix..and you will get this lovely filling to go on top of the noodle mixture.

Like this!

Close up and ready for the oven.

For some reason...I felt the need to add a little cheese on top towards the end of the baking time. But you don't need to.

Looking good, looking good!

A close up! The crust is so good!

And slice like a pie.

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