Saturday, September 4, 2010

::Food & Dine Finds::

Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a great Labor Day weekend. It sure feels like it is getting to be fall outside; I love fall weather! I am introducing something new to the blog ::Food & Dine Finds::
Are you ever at a party or potluck and wonder..."Where did they find this? I need to get me some!" That is what the Food part of this will apply to; new foods that I find that I think you should try. Also, I love finding new restaurants to eat at (I don't eat out much) and when I find a good one (preferably non franchise, hole in the wall, unique type) I'm always telling people about it and what I ordered. So, that is what the Dine part of this will apply to. Also, this isn't just for me. If you have a ::Food & Dine Find:: you would like to share, I would L.O.V.E for you to email me ( to let me know so I can let all these lovely blog followers know!
I look forward to hearing your comments about ::Food & Dine Finds::!
Have a safe weekend!

::Food & Dine Finds::

Introducing the first food find...and it's from Sam's Club! Salsa Ranch Dip is the food find. I found this the other day when I was over by the deli department where all the cheeses, deli meats, and dips are located. It costs $6.98 for a container and is worth every penny. It is creamy salsa mix that has a little bit of spice and goes perfect with your favorite chip! Try it and enjoy it!

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