Saturday, September 4, 2010

::Tips in the Kitch::

Remember this? The tips? If not, that's okay, cause I haven't done one for a while! Now that school is back in session your schedules are probably no longer filled with summer events such as picnics, camping, or the lake, but are filled with sports practices, concerts, games, and homework. As a result, there isn't much time to prepare meals (that aren't from the box). To help, here are some back to school tips!...

-Brown a bunch of hamburger, place in individuals bags, and freeze. Take a bag out when needed; tacos, spaghetti, lasagna, burritos, etc.

-Chop up veggies for the week so they are ready to go when needed

-Did someone say crockpot?! Not only will it (whatever you are making) be ready when you get home, it makes the house smell fabulous!

Make different kinds of cookies and/or bars, freeze, and take out when needed.

-Lastly, have the kids prepare the meals (as age appropriate; I don't want to be held liable for 4 yr olds with missing fingers-ha!); it will help with reading, math, and my favorite- Home Ec.! :)

Hope you and your children have a wonderful school year!

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