Friday, May 14, 2010

Corn Bread

Finally, the sun made an appearance! And what other way to celebrate that golden beauty, than by making a golden treat; corn bread. If you have never had a corn bread experience before, corn bread has a particular texture and scent. It is a more crumbly type of bread and there are many variations. I particularly like to enjoy my corn bread warm with butter and a little honey, however, eat it the way you like! Todays post goes along with yesterdays, as corn bread is a great compliment to Chili (especially Hawt Chilly, right?!). Josh, who I had mentioned in a previous post (Butterfinger Chips), had given me this recipe back in the day. Josh has strong southern familial ties and this is his Grandma's recipe. Enjoy!

If I were to go through someones recipe stash, I would pick recipe cards based on what they look like. The ones that look like this corn bread recipe card; oil spots and dried food stuck to it-thats when you know a recipe is good!

Some ingredients...

Before the oven

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