Sunday, May 30, 2010

::Roasted Vegetables::

I never named this blog "Go Lytely," "Weight Watchers Recipes," or "Diet Blog, " because, as you can tell from the recipes posted, they probably aren't the healthiest. But that is beside the point. Moderation is the key, right?! So, without further adieu, I introduce to you the healthiest recipe on this blog so far; YAY! I. LOVE. VEGETABLES. Seriously. Almost every one. I can't think of one I don't like. A couple of my most favorites are beets, peas, sweet potatoes, and squash. Anyways, sometimes vegetables can get boring for some people; but have you ever tried roasting them? Roasting vegetables gives them a flavor that can't be achieved by boiling or making them in the microwave. Roasting vegetables gives them a savory, almost sweet taste. After you roast vegetables it will be hard to go back to the steam-in-the-bag microwave frozen vegetables (even though i've gone back there many times). This is a very easy recipe and is a great side dish to many main courses. Or, have them as the main course, which I have accidentally done because they were (children cover your ears) so damn' good. Enjoy!
Roasted Vegetables
Sweet Potatoes
Regular Potatoes
Olive oil.
(Use any vegetables that you like/want. These are the ones I had on hand and used)

Wash vegetables and cut into chunks. Place on a pan lined with tin foil. Drizzle with olive oil and a little salt and pepper. With this recipe I don't go all crazy about different seasonings; I don't want to take away from the natural flavor of the vegetables.
Bake at about 250 for a couple hours or until tender. If you don't have the time, bake at 350 or whatever temp you want, just until they are done.
Washed and chunked.
Raw veggies ready for the oven.

In they go.
All roasted!
Ready to eat!

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