Wednesday, March 23, 2011

::Crack Dip::

Crack dip? Yes, that's right. No, the recipe doesn't call for any illegal drugs. So then why and how did it get named that? Well, I have a thing for dips, with this being one of my favorites. I grew up with this (not this exact recipe) dip, commonly referred to has Rotel, Queso, Velveeta Dip, or Hamburger Dip. When I began to cook alot on my own I started making my own rendition of the dip. I would bring this dip alot to parties or even just on Sundays when we would go to my in-laws; and everyone enjoyed it! The only problem was...when people would ask for the recipe. I never would write it down, I just knew what I put in it and sometimes that would change. Sometimes I'd make it really spicy and sometimes not. Sometimes, most of the time, I'd make a double batch and it'd go like hotcakes. So anyways, about the name. My friend Anna would love when I'd make this dip. I told her what I put in it and she started making it too Now, each time we make it we let eachother know..."Hey, i'm making Crack Dip tonight and just wanted you to know!" So, one day, Anna let me know that they named it "Crack Dip" because it's so's addicting! Enjoy!

::Crack Dip::

1 lb Jimmy Dean Hot Sausage
1 brick Velveeta
3 cans Rotel (2 original and 1 mild)
1 large can green chiles
1 sm can chopped jalapenos

Brown sausage and add 2 cans of the rotel and the other canned ingredients. Slice velveeta into chunks and add. Melt Velveeta; stirring frequently. Heat through. Serve with chips.

**With the recipe made as above, the dip has some kick to it, but nothing overpowering. If you like things spicy, like we do, you can buy Hot Rotel and use that and you can also add more jalapenos. Just taste as you go along...this recipe is very easy to play around with and you can screw it up! Also, when I make a double batch I use 1 lb of hamburger and 1 lb of the Jimmy Dean Hot Sausage**

Very simple and easy to make!

Start out by browning the sausage.

Browned and ready for the other ingredients.

I usually start out by adding 2 cans of each kind and then add the other one, just to make sure it doesn't get too runny. You can always drain the juice off of the 3rd one if it seems to runny.

Rotel added...

Then add some jalapenos and chiles

Ready for the main ingredient!


Melts faster if you cut it up.

All melted together and ready to eat!

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