Thursday, March 31, 2011


Are you ready? I love giveaways and free things and i'm sure you do too. Well, it's your lucky day...I have decided to do a little giveaway.
Remember the post about the ::Homemade Oreo Cookies::? I'm happy to announce that those will be the "prize" in this giveaway! Exciting, huh?
I will be giving three batches of these away (if you live far away I will send them in the mail).
Two of the batches will be given to the first two people who get five people to become Followers of the blog. Once your friends/family become Followers email me ( so I know who has referred them.
For the other batch, make a comment on this post about something regarding the blog/recipes and I will pick a random number and give the batch to that person.
Get it? Okay!

Keep these in mind! :)


  1. I want to Thank Katie Carr for sharing this site with my sisters, mom and I! I live in Texas and look at your blog everyday to check out the new recipes. I spent yesterday printing off a bunch of them and am excited to start making some of your creative creations!!

    Grapevine, TX

  2. Sorry I posted that comment without logging into my google account. (email:

  3. My roommates and I check this site frequently for recipes. They are all so good. Also, we love the step by step pictures!