Saturday, June 12, 2010


On a previous recipe post, the one about the sausage & potatoes, I held a giveaway for the person who came up with a name for the dish. Only one person had commented on it, so they won the prize (can cosey & Chocolate Chip Cookies from the C.C.C. recipe I had posted) and it was sent to them in the mail. Anyways, I am going to do another giveaway, now that I am more prepared!
Post your favorite Kuchen recipe under the comment section. Make sure that the recipe is "tried-&-true;" meaning that you didn't just open a cookbook and take out a recipe, but that you have either made it, tried it, or have obtained the recipe from someone who has made it and claims it to be "their favorite!" or the "the best ever!"
Deadline to submit your post will be 10pm on Monday! So if you have to add something your "to do" list this weekend, make it this, so you can win the prize!
I have not decided on the prize, it won't be the same as the last giveaway, but better (sorry giveaway winner #1)!
How I will decide the winner. However many people comment, I will put those numbers together and randomly select two winners!
One more thing, send your friends and family here for a chance to get in on the giveaway!
PS: I should let you know "why Kuchen?" The eastern part of ND and the western part of ND differ greatly not only in the landscape, but also in cuisine. I can honestly say (yes your jaws can drop) that I never had Kuchen until I met my husband, and same with Kneophla Soup! Also, I have never made Kuchen either. I can whip you up a batch of Lefsa, but not Kuchen! So there is the reason behind the giveaway! :)
PS#2: If you do not want to share the recipe under the "comment" section then just email me your recipe to . If you email me your recipe, under the comment section just write "emailed!"


  1. Grandma Adams has a great Kuchen recipe. I will ask Kara to get a copy of it from tonight and submit it for her. Love your blog...great photos!

  2. Here is a recipe from Grandma Adams!She has made this many times and it is very good.

    Subject: La Verne's Kuchen (recipe from grandma)
    1 cup milk
    5 cups cream
    1 cup sugar
    5 T. flour
    (mix dry then add cream and milk mixture)
    Add 9 beaten eggs.
    Cook like a thin pudding.
    Sprinkle filling with cinnamon and sugar mixture.
    2 cups sugar
    4 graham crackers crushed
    1 teas. cinnamon
    1 T. brown sugar