Sunday, June 6, 2010


I am lucky to have the most amazing siblings! My sister and I talk alot about what we have made and lately, talk alot about the blog! My sister likes granola and is always telling me about the different kinds she has tried and what they are good with (ie yogurt). So, one day she tells me that I should try and make granola and that it would be fun to blog about! So, on Saturday, I made some granola! I had been doing some research on granola recipes and couldn't find one that I liked, so I turned to my trusted Our Lady of Perpetual Help cookbook and found one. So, here's the deal. I rarely buy granola but when I do but it, I really enjoy it. I think I don't but it very often because I'm so frugal with my money and granola is really expensive. Anyways, the granola that I like is one that has crunchy clusters, so when I was looking for recipes I was trying to find a granola cluster one, but I think I will have to do more research on it to find one that I am looking for and also one that sounds good! This granola recipe that I used is crunchy but is not in clusters. So, for a non-cluster granola, this one is a wonderful recipe! I actually think that it could be used as just a cereal. But, like the recipe says at the end is great in yogurt! I didn't have any yogurt at home when I took the pictures so there aren't any with yogurt. Granola can go in many things so I hope that you use your imagination and try this recipe! I have been eating it plain and it is wonderful that way, but maybe a little messy! Enjoy! Oh, PS- I did make a couple changes to the will see after the 1st picture! Enjoy (again)!
Instead of using sunflower seeds, I used flax. I substituted it equally but I think you could use more if you want.
I followed the recipe like it says as far as the baking, stirring every 5 mins, and leaving it in the oven until it's cool, however, when it was all the way cool, I added Craisins and Golden Raisins.
Once the granola is cooled; add whatever you like: Raisins, Craisins, Yogurt covered raisens, different nuts, chocolate chips, more coconut, various dried fruits...whatever floats your boat!
FYI: My husband was with me at the grocery store and figured out the mark-up on the flax...out. of. this. world.
Mix everything together.
Closer view! Don't worry...i'm super particular with food preparation (hand washing, clean surface area, etc.) so the camera never touches the food!
All mixed up with the added dried fruit.

Close up of the final product!
Like I said earlier, this is my first time making granola. If you have a granola recipe that is "tried-and-true" I would love for you to share it with me. I am really looking for a recipe that makes good clusters! Thank you!

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