Tuesday, June 8, 2010

::Egg:Cheese:Croissant:Grilled Sandwich::

As a RN I am suppose to be promoting health & wellness. This recipe doesn't quite do that; but I am suppose to help people be happy right? Well, this make your hunger be all sorts of happy! I got out our griddle that we got as a shower gift (we ended up getting about 10 total..so this is the one lucky one we kept) to fry the eggs on and then fry the insides of the croissants to make them warm and add a little crunchy goodness; it worked! This is an easy "recipe," as there is no mix of ingredients, etc. Enjoy!

Egg:Cheese:Croissant:Grilled Sandwich
Salt & Pepper to taste
Using a griddle, fry eggs until done (I make the yokes hard with these sandwiches & add salt and pepper while fryings), add a slice of cheese and leave on until melted. On an open side on the griddle, butter the griddle and place sliced croissants open face down to brown. Place egg and cheese on croissant and serve.
Variations: There can be many different ways to make these; fry peppers and onions to make it southwestern style; fry up ham, bacon or whatever meant you choose. Try other ingredients that appeal to you!
I buy the croissants at Sam's Club. For a dozen they are a little over $5. They are very moist!
The griddle!
Frying the eggs!
Sliced cheese. I always buy the big brick of sliced cheese and then divide it into little packages and put the rest in the freezer. The slices are a little bigger than the regular cheese slices you buy and they have a better taste.
All ready to go on the croissant!

Croissants are very buttery and flakey; when warmed up and "fried" a little on the griddle it makes them so good!

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