Monday, June 21, 2010

::Prize #1::

Remember the post regarding the ::Giveaway:: about the Kuchen recipe? Now you are probably going to wish you would have participated after seeing one of the prizes I gave away! I will be sending the second winner's prize out tomorrow as I was contemplating what to giveaway! Anyways, congrats to one of the winners who received this cookbook!

I have mentioned before that church/small town cookbooks are my favorite! I have used alot of recipes from this cookbook, some of which I have posted (ie Betsey's Shells) and some of which I still need to post! And of course, some that I still need to try; trust me, I have a VERY LONG list of recipes (in general, not just from this cookbook) that I want to try!

Because of the low response of participants to the giveaway; I probably won't be doing one until I get some requests or until I get more followers! So, become a follower and refer your peeps to become a follower; then we can do giveaways galore!

One more thing...stay tuned for the revealing of the other prize that I gave away!

Thank you to everyone who follows my blog; you have no idea how much I enjoy doing this and how much I enjoy hearing the positive comments and that people have made the recipes!

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