Thursday, June 3, 2010

::Tips in the Kitch:: One

Are you a dedicated follower of the blog (I hope so!)? Have you visited this blog thinking to yourself, telling me "Oh hunny, just wait until you have children!" Or, are you thinking, "I have no time to make these things I just like to imagine what they taste like." Well, whatever you are thinking, however many children you have, or whatever time crunch you are in, I hope that you take time to think about this post and try it.
Print out a calendar, buy one, take a ruler and make your own, or whatever works; just make a calendar.
Take recipes that you think look good or would like to make from my blog, pick recipes from your favorite cookbooks, Google recipes, or use your own creations.
Take a blank sheet of paper and write out a list of recipes/meals you want to make. Don't forget to write down what cookbook, page number, or where ever you found it from down so it is easy to find.
Pull the calendar back out and write whatever you have going on down.
Now, insert what meals you will make on what day. Don't forget, say you make ::Betsey's Shells:: on Monday and you know they won't be gone in the first sitting, just write "leftovers" for a meal on Tuesday, etc. Also, it is okay to write on Friday (or whatever day you choose) "Pizza Corner frozen pizza!"
Once you have your meals figured out, for the week, make a list of the ingredients you don't have that you will need to make the meals for that week.
That way, when you go shopping, you will know exactly what you are cooking and what you will need; instead of just grabbing and thinking what you could make and then forgetting by the time you leave the store. Also, you will get only what you need and will more than likely save money.
You will not only be prepared to find the time to make meals that your family will enjoy and thank you for, but most importantly, you will be able to sit at the table with your family enjoying great conversations and bonding time!

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